What to Do in Pioneer Square - September

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Photo from DesignInPublic

We often consider the transition from summer to fall as a time of melancholy and loss. But viewed another way, fall brings with it a specific kind of beauty in the form of rejuvenation and renewal. For many of us, September signals a return to the familiar as we unwind from the busy thrill of summer. With that in mind, now more than ever is a good opportunity to pay closer attention to what we think we know - whether that’s people or places or ideas - and connect with them in a new way. Like the trees that eventually shed old leaves to make room for new ones in spring, September is a month to take things slow, recharge our curious minds, and approach life with positive energy and a fresh perspective.

Here are some events around the neighborhood that invite you to connect with a community and to think differently about our familiar world:

Seattle Design Festival
For two weeks in September, the annual Seattle Design Festival features art installations, panels, tours and more to explore how design can be used to improve our local communities. This year’s theme, TRUST, invites diverse communities throughout the city, from designers to residents to city officials, to envision a more sensible and trusting future together. September 6-21. Various locations.

Hit the Streets Happy Hour
The final Hit the Streets Happy Hour of the season happens this month. Enjoy special happy hour treats from various local businesses around the neighborhood, including yours truly! Stop by to pick up a gift for you or a friend and receive a free stacking ring with your purchase. September 13, 3-6 pm. Fresh Tangerine, 89 ½ Yesler Way.

Night Nation Run
Neon lights, live music and bubbles galore give your standard marathon a run for its money. The 5k Night Nation Run is the world’s first running music festival and is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Runners start and end at CenturyLink Field and the night closes with a dance party, featuring top headliner DJs and all the glow-sticks you’ll ever need. September 15, 5 pm. CenturyLink Field, 800 Occidental Ave S.


The Witching Hour
Cafe Nordo’s eccentric and immersive dinner theater series returns with an ode to the occult. While a group of self-styled occultists read from an ancient text and unleash chaos unto the world, the audience is treated to a “four-curse” meal for a pleasantly terrifying theatrical and culinary experience. September 20 - November 18. Cafe Nordo, 109 S Main St.

Artists Philippe Hyojung Kim and Maria Phillips exhibit new work created from recycled materials to close out their artist residency through Recology Cleanscapes. Typology of Absence and Second Nature both consider art’s role in the environment and encourage viewers to conserve the earth’s resources. September 6-23. 109 S Washington St.

FT Summer Reads

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Whether you're on the beach, in a park, or cooling off in the A/C after a day in the sunshine, there is something special about reading in the summer.  We're sharing this season's favorites from the FT Team and would love to know what you're reading this summer!

Miranda | We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“I watched Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk about the dangers of a single story in class a few years ago and ever since then I’ve been obsessed. Even though I don’t have children this book made me realize all the wonderful feminist ideals my mom instilled in me and what I’ll do for my children. This and all of her other books are some of my favorites.”

Kia | From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good Death by Caitlin Doughty
"I know it seems a little dark for summer but it's fascinating to see how other cultures feel about and celebrate death in contrast to how we treat it here in America."

Kim | Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
"A YA (young adult) favorite of mine. If I had one wish, it would be to be able to go back and read this book for the first time. It's a beautiful coming of age story about friendship and love. You will laugh, cry, and cherish this gem."

Adriana | The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
"I don’t know how summery this is, but I’m currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale. Felt inspired to after watching an episode of the show!"

Olivia | Snail Poems by Eric Sneathen
"Snail Poems is a tender account of grief, friendship and ecological calamity. It asks us to consider how we shape the world we live in and to see the intimate connections between grief and healing, how they’re both personal and collective. In short, how do we pay attention to something as small and seemingly insignificant as snails and learn to care for them, too?"

Kim | A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
"There are so many favorite books! It’s hard to pick just one... This is a book I read again and again. I read it for the very first time when I was on my way to Paris to study abroad. Whenever I pick it up, it always brings me back to that time in my life. I also just love dreaming about how Paris used to be and creative energy that was present during this time."

Valerie | You’re On An Airplane: A Self-Mythologizing Memoir by Parker Posey
"I have always adored Parker Posey and reading this makes me feel like I could be hanging out on a stoop with her in NYC. She is a brilliant storyteller & the dramatic photographs in this book are everything!"

Cliona | The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
"Lately I’ve been reading corny suspense novels-- they can be pretty addicting!"




What to Do in Pioneer Square - August

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Fresh-Tangerine-Seattle-Art-Walk-AugustPhoto from seattleartfair.com

It’s impossible to imagine a world without art. Not only does art provide a pleasing aesthetic to the eye, but it evokes strong emotions from the viewer and helps to shape the world we live in. Seattle has always had an incredibly vibrant arts culture, and we don’t see that going away anytime soon. If the past is any proof, Seattle’s art community continues to persist and thrive despite the many unpredictable changes happening within the city itself. Even our team at Fresh Tangerine is comprised of talented women with our own creative practices, including drawing, acting, weaving, writing poetry, and, of course, jewelry making. This month, emerging and established artists of every medium and practice are taking over Pioneer Square and we encourage you to seek them out.

Here are just a few of many events happening this month:

Pioneer Square Art Walk
Japanese artist Ryohei Tanaka exhibits his detailed etchings of our natural world at Davidson Galleries for Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art Walk. His realistic drawings are made slightly surreal with vivid colors and careful detailing that suggest an intertwining of mystical and concrete elements within our everyday lives. August 2-31. Davidson Galleries, 313 Occidental Ave S.
Seattle Art Fair

Continue your art-filled weekend by heading over to the annual Seattle Art Fair. Local, national and international galleries from the Pacific Northwest region will showcase modern to contemporary works by a wide range of artists. Pay special attention to a scale model of our solar system, by the late artist Chris Burden, that will be on display at various locations between Pioneer Square and Downtown. August 2-5. CenturyLink Field Event Center, 1000 Occidental Ave S.

The Geeky Cauldron: A Harry Potter Quiz
If you’ve waited your entire young adult life for an acceptance letter to Hogwarts and never received one, maybe this will cheer you up. Put your Harry Potter knowledge to the test, and be whisked away to a magical realm of fantastic beasts, unbreakable vows and all the Felix Felicis potions you’ll need to win. August 2, 8-10:30 pm. Eden Seattle, 1950 First Ave S.

Lonnie Williams
Texan saxophone legend Lonnie Williams graces Pioneer Square with cool jazz sounds every Wednesday during the month of August. Sit back and relax with your favorite drink for a musical evening. Wednesdays, 9 pm. J & M Café, 201 First Ave S.

Kiss Me Cake
Skip dinner and head straight for dessert in this sweet and sultry production for Café Nordo’s Pressure Cooker series. Cake and choreography combine to tell the story of a young girl who dreams of being a dancer. Prepare to be captivated by the lavishly decorated sweets and mesmerizing movements. And did we mention there will be cake? August 9-13, 8 pm. Café Nordo, 109 S Main St.

Summer Break Day Away
It’s a summer party in the neighborhood! Join Pioneer Square shops and restaurants for special promotions and all-day fun. Pick up a Summer Break Away Day passport, complete with details on hours and promotions per business, and explore great venues in the neighborhood. And don’t forget to come say hi to us here at Fresh Tangerine! We’ll be including a free stacking ring with any purchase. August 23, 11-6. Fresh Tangerine, 89 Yesler Way.

Ed Sheeran

Beloved singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran stops in Seattle for his first North American stadium tour. What better way to end the month than being surrounded by your closest friends and serenaded by his sweet vocals? August 25, 7 pm. CenturyLink Field, 800 Occidental Ave S.

An Inspiring Chat with Apartment on Belmont

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If you've visited the Fresh Tangerine shop, you've experienced the charm of Apartment on Belmont. Their dreamy artwork adorns our walls and is featured in our collection of stationery.  The FT team recently took a field trip to an open house hosted by Apartment on Belmont artist Michael Doyle & designer Samantha Wagner. Their enchanting West Seattle studio felt like a secret clubhouse, hidden on the second floor above a nursery school.  It was a full house of guests perusing artwork while enjoying treats (homemade by Michael's parents!), but we managed to snag a few moments to interview Michael & Samantha.

Fresh-Tangerine-Interview-Apartment-On-Belmont-Artists-Michael-Doyle-Samantha-WagnerPhoto by Rachael Lang

How did Apartment on Belmont come to be?
Apartment On Belmont began as an idea in Michael’s mind. As a lifelong artist he created his first cards to sell at his art shows. When I stumbled across them I had recently left my full-time job as an art director and was smitten with his unique, nostalgic style. I reached out to him to see if he’d make a custom holiday card for me and we connected over our shared love of stationery. A month later, Apartment On Belmont as it exists today, was born! We’ve found a great collaborative balance between our complementary creative skills and shared business values.

What’s a typical day at the studio like?
Our studio days really vary in what they might look like. Some days are focused on inspiration and product ideation. Often these days involve a field trip and then a brainstorming session where we share our inspirations of late. On these creative days Michael might be quietly painting and drawing while I set up photoshoots and work on product design using his art. Other days have us stocking inventory, shipping orders, reading contracts and updating our website! It’s really very exciting.

Your illustrations make us feel like we’re transported to a quirky dreamworld! Where do you find inspiration?
Our inspiration is deeply rooted in nostalgia and within the literary and natural worlds. We also find inspiration from other art forms from fashion to interior design to photography. Current inspiration sources include the art of Helen Frankenthaler, Alessandro Michele for Gucci and the creative powerhouse that was the Bloomsbury Group.

What is your dream for the future of Apartment on Belmont?
Our dream for our business has always been to foster a positive blend between work and life. The creative aspect of Apartment On Belmont is a direct reflection of our personal lives so the line between the professional and personal is purposefully blurred.  We want to support ourselves financially but we also want to focus just as much on lifestyle. We also love collaborating with other businesses and have many dream collaborations in mind for the future. We’d love to have Apartment On Belmont be a well known brand for our creative, inspiring stationery and products!

The Apartment on Belmont studio is in West Seattle.  What are some of your favorite local haunts?
We recommend Realfine Coffee for a good afternoon distraction, the West 5 for lunch and JaK's for happy hour (well worth the wait). And when we need a place to celebrate, Raccolto is quite the treat.

Are you from Seattle? If not, how did you land here?
Michael is born and raised in West Seattle. I’m from the west coast of Canada originally and ended up here four years ago.

What advice do you have for artists dreaming of starting their own stationery/decor collection?
Just start. It is the only way. Fight against perfectionism because everything you ever make will continue to evolve and change. The stationery industry is highly supportive, so open yourself up to community by offering help, advice, etc. where you can. Technology has made it a great time to be an artist interested in creating their own products because of the accessibility of audience via social media and manufacturers all over the country or world at your fingertips.

Spend the day in Pioneer Square like a Millenial

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Fresh-Tangerine-Kim-Cauchy-Puppy-Explore-Pioneer-SquareKim & Cauchy the pup explore Pioneer Square.

From avocado toast to crystals to Aziz Ansari’s favorite pasta, you’ll want to make sure you Instagram every moment of your day.

Pioneer Square is the best kept secret in Seattle. It’s the oldest neighborhood and is oozing with tons of historic charm and creative energy. Think adorable brick buildings, cobblestone alleys, secret bars, and tucked away shops. This a place where you say hi to your neighbor, talk to shop owners and servers, and genuinely feel like a part of something.You came for the gram, but you’ll leave with so much more.

Fresh-Tangerine-Pioneer-Square-Brunch-London-PlaneThe FT Team has brunch + picks out flowers at London Plane.

Coffee - Elm Coffee Roasters
Start your morning by sipping on a hazelnut milk latte in a bright airy minimalist space. There is no shortage of gram-worthy moments in this coffee shop and their Instagram has the following to prove it.

Brunch - London Plane
An iconic Pioneer Square locale. You can’t go wrong with anything from their menu and be sure to grab a flower or two on your way out!

Mid-morning Shopping - Clementines, Velouria, Flora and Henri, Callus
Clementines is known for their quirky shoe selection and they always have deals, so you’ll want to stop in on the regular. There’s a secret little vintage shop downstairs filled with undiscovered treasures. Head over to Velouria to find an outfit to go with your new shoes. They specialize in brands from the PNW that are ethically and sustainably made. Both Flora and Henri and Callus are the most beautifully designed spaces. You’ll be sure to leave with tons if new ideas and inspiration, along with some great gifts.

Lunch - Il Corvo
If you’ve read Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, then you already know this is a favorite of his. Each day has a different pasta offering that’s made from scratch. They’re only open for lunch Monday-Friday and lines can stretch all the down the block. Get there early and order one of everything. Your stomach will thank you.

Pioneer-Square-Kim-Explores-Agage-Designs-Jewelry-London-Plane-BakeryShop at Agate Designs & Fresh Tangerine. Grab a cookie to go from London Plane!

Afternoon Shopping - Bon Voyage Vintage, Fresh Tangerine, Agate Designs
Walk off that pasta lunch and head into Bon Voyage Vintage to relive your 90s/00s childhood. They’re always stocked with the best trends you just can’t (and don’t want) to quit. After you grab an oversized graphic tee, head around the corner to Agate Designs to grab some cleansing crystals.

Head on over to Fresh Tangerine where you’ll find our iconic jewelry line, beautiful brass plant mobiles, candles, cards and so much more! Grab gifts for your friends and stock up on all occasion cards to send to your long distance bestie. Be sure to ask the sales associate about what new band their into to share at happy hour.

Happy Hour - Copal
The space is bright and colorful, they have boozy slushies and guacamole. Copal truly lives up to the “happy” in happy hour.

Dinner & Drinks - Damn the Weather
A Fresh Tangerine favorite! You’ll most likely see our founder, Kim, posted up at the bar drinking her favorite glass of rosé. Order the burger, try out a cocktail (or two) and get to know the staff. This is kind of place that feels like a second home.

Late Night - J&M

Dance the night away at one of the oldest bars in Pioneer Square. You’ll meet people from all walks of life who are gathered together to relax and have a good time.

Spend the night at this decadent loft. It juxtaposes old building charm with quirky ornate decor that will make all of your followers jealous.

Mindfulness Monday: Take Yourself on a Date

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There have been moments when I wished I could go to see an art exhibit, foreign film, or guilty pleasure romantic comedy, but felt I couldn’t because I didn’t have someone to go with me. After feeling mopey for a bit (an indulgence we all deserve sometimes), I eventually come around to remembering some of my favorite adventures happened solo-style.

I first discovered how much I enjoyed exploring the world on my own during a summer studying in San Jose. My time in town was limited, so I wanted to soak up as much of the Northern California experience as I could. Each weekend was spent exploring a new city for the day. I remember spending the day in Palo Alto because they had an old movie theatre showing a double feature of “Pal Joey” (a musical I love) and “The Manchurian Candidate.”  I spent the day strolling through the streets, stopping in book shops and cafes for as long as I liked.  It felt like such a luxury to not rush and to let myself do whatever I wanted to in the moment.

It took a few tries before I felt completely comfortable dining alone. At first, it felt as if I needed a book or newspaper to feign being busy (smartphones are the au courant distraction to many a solo diner). Over time, though, I grew comfortable in enjoying a restaurant’s atmosphere with no book or phone to distract me from my alone-ness.  Food is so much more enjoyable when taking the time to taste it.

Even though I am married now, and could get my husband to go on dates with me all the time, I still enjoy a movie or museum date by myself sometimes.  I always feel more centered and refreshed after taking myself on a date. It’s such a restorative feeling to slow down and let myself enjoy the sensory experience of exploring the world alone.

Do you enjoy taking yourself on a date? We'd love to hear about your favorite places to explore solo!

Photo is from a solo date to the Frye Art Museum.  "I Belong Here" by Tavares Strachan.

We're Here for the Ear Party!

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Fresh-Tangerine-Jewelry-Kim-Ear-Party-EarringsKim wears Dot Dash Earring (gold), Baton Earring (gold), Line Earring (gold). Other earrings are her own.

Personal expression is why Fresh Tangerine exists.  Whether casual, elegant, or edgy, there is nothing better than seeing someone mix our jewelry into their look. We love how pieces transform when styled by an individual.

An Ear Party is one of our favorite ways to express ourselves. Ear piercings provide a perfect palette for mixing and matching styles. Every hole provides an opportunity for expression and it’s simple to remix your style each day. Not sure how to get the party started?  Begin with a favorite earring and then experiment, adding accent pieces for texture.

Don’t be afraid to mix jewelry styles and designers! As Kia says, “Fresh Tangerine plays well with others.” Our simple, sleek styles can create a dynamic look on their own or combine perfectly with pieces from other designers. Keep it classic and clean with the same metal or elevate the experience by mixing metals.

Kim & Kia show us how to mix it up with multiple piercings, while Valerie demonstrates you can still have a party with just two piercings!


Kia wears Petalo Earring (silver), Mini Baguette Earring (gold), and her own silver barbell.


Valerie wears Chou Earrings in silver and her own Herkimer Studs from Kristen Elspeth.

Kim wears Dot Dash Earring (gold), Baton Earring (silver), and Baguette Earring (gold).  Other earrings are her own.

Check out the Fresh Tangerine Earring Collection to get your party started!



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