Meet the team // Skye

Skye keeps the studio in the know of the latest fashion trends and her eclectic, fun style reflects her personality. Skye loves riding horses and everything about them. Skye always knows how to make us laugh with her crazy dance moves and always is bursting with energy.

Name: Skye Guidotti

What do you do here at the studio? I manage the studio and make sure that all of us stay on task.

What is the best thing about working at Fresh Tangerine? We sit around one big table which makes it easy to bust out a JT or Beyonce lyric or a little table dance whenever the mood hits and the whole group gets to enjoy it. 

Three style staples?
1. Loud shoes. Whether it's quilted with chain, hearts, lips, glitter, monkey and ice cream charms or brass Kick Ass letters. Loud shoes can take a frantic hit-snooze-too-many-times-grab-whatever-is-closest-outfit to the next level of put together.  
2. Laura Mercier lip gloss.  
3. My black oversized neoprene hoodie.

What is a must on your playlist? Anything that makes me want to chair dance and not cry.

Roadtrip destination? Northern Cascades

1. Heart Ring $28
2. Double Bar Necklace $64
3. Lightning Bolt Ring $28
4. Standing Shape Rings $32


photos by Fresh Tangerine

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