Maker Moment // Anatomy of a Workbench

Posted on January 27, 2015 by Kiana Mathew | 0 Comments

We get asked a lot about how our pieces are so sturdy, yet so simple. Our pieces go through a long process before they get to you and we going to to show you a little more of what happens behind the scenes!

Maker Moment will be a journal of our jewelry process described by someone who knows absolutely nothing about making jewelry (me!). We'll share the process of different pieces from start to finish, and show you more about the space that we work in every day. To kick off the series, I'm sharing a little part of our production area and some of the basic tools we use.

Our showroom and studio is open during the week, and if you stop by we can give you a tour! You will get to see us hard at work and we'll also give you some jewelry styling tips.

Lately, we've been listening to the "Hip Hop BBQ" radio station on Pandora every day. You should check it out!

 - Kiana




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