Maker Moment // The Heart Ring

In honor of Valentine's day, I will be going behind the maker's workbench to document  the process involved in creating our beloved heart ring! They've been selling like crazy and we want to show you the work that goes into your delicate little heart rings!

It all starts with a big roll of wire that needs to be cut down to the correct ring size. We use a precise ruler to make sure that all of our rings are the exact same size. For the heart ring, 2 pieces of wire must be cut: one for the band, the other for the heart shape. The wire is formed into the shape of a heart by our skilled jeweler, Dao

Heart shape soldered to the band.Dao forms the wire band in a ring shape on the soldering block.Heart rings ready to be formed!Cutting the solder into tiny pieces. Dao gathers the rings to place them in the pickle.

Rings sitting in the pickle.Dao uses the mandril to hammer and form the rings.The flex shaft is used to lightly sand each ring. The rings are then placed in a tumbler to make them shiny and durable for everyday wear.The finished product! Buy your very own heart ring here.


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  • katrina

    Love the behind the scenes stories that you guys have been sharing about the process behind your pieces lately!! It’s so inspiring to see how much work goes into each piece.

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