Maker Moment // Jewelry Care Guide

This week's maker moment is a guide on how to keep your Fresh Tangerine jewelry in perfect condition. Daily use is the main cause jewelry wear and tear, so we're sharing three simple steps to keep your pieces looking shiny and new!

We've created a Jewelry Care card that will be included in every order to keep our customers educated on how to properly care for their pieces! It contains three simple steps to keep your jewels looking brand new. 

What is oxidation? It is a term used to describe when oxygen and sulfur come in contact with silver and they chemically bond to the silver, causing it to appear tarnished and darker than normal. Fortunately, it is really easy to get rid of that tarnish and bring your sterling silver jewelry back to its original state!


To get your jewelry looking like the shiny "after" ring in this photo, you can use a polishing cloth and your piece will look brand new again! If there is a tarnish on your jewelry that won't go away from polishing- you should clean your gold and silver jewelry with a mild soap that's ammonia-free and phosphate-free,  and warm water in a small bowl (so that it doesn't fall down your sink!). Make sure to rinse the soap off of your jewelry with cold water. Use a soft cloth to dry your jewelry piece. 

 There are a few different ways you can store your jewelry when you are not wearing it. It is best to store it in an air tight container to prevent oxidation from happening. When you purchase jewelry at Fresh Tangerine, we include a cloth bag for you to use to store your pieces in. A glass case, jewelry storage box, or plastic bags work just as well.


We hope you found these tips helpful! 


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