Fresh Favorites // 7

Posted on March 06, 2015 by Kiana Mathew | 0 Comments

Signs of spring are hitting the West Coast and we aren't complaining. Here are some links to distract you from your daily grind. Enjoy!


1. Did you know that you are probably saying it wrong? The Every Girl has a guide to how to pronounce 20 Fashion Labels
2. Gemstones are everything right now- check out these adorable, easy DIY gemstone soaps by Fall for DIY.
3. Is your email box terrifying to look at? Do you own your own small business? Here are tips by Jessica Hische to achieve "inbox zero". 
4. Getting ready for the spring? Here is a list of 30 slip on sandals that you should probably be wearing this year. 
5. Want to make a wintery soup, but have it prepared ahead of time to make it easy? Here are simple stocks  you can have on hand and ready to go!





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