Maker Moment // 5

The double bar necklace is a timeless, delicate and minimal piece that has become a staple in many of our customer's wardrobes. The versatility of this piece comes from the adjustable ring that allows you to style your necklace in a variety of ways. Whether you're feeling like rocking a bolo tie-esque chain or wearing the bars at different lengths, the double bar necklace can transform your look as you go through your day. 

Here is a behind the scenes look into how the the double bar necklace is made. 

 The 14k gold fill thick square shaped wire is cut into the size of each of the long bars. 

The 14k gold fill chain is then measured out and cut to length. 

A pin point is created on the soft metal bar to mark where the piece will be drilled. 

The drill press makes a precise pinhole in the gold bar. 

A closer look so you can see how tiny the hole is!

The bars are attached to the chain with wire and our necklace tag is added. 

And that's it! Our double bar necklace up close. 

The double bar necklace is adjustable to wear. Here are some ways to wear it!

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