SS 15 Release // Line to Curve Collection

Describe your new collection to us.
I named the collection Line to Curve for a couple of reasons. The first being the obvious visual connection, but also because I think it captures the process of taking simple raw materials and transforming them into something new and different. 
Where did you draw inspiration for this collection?
I've always been drawn to the Bauhaus movement, and had been thinking about it more with the rise of the minimalism trend in fashion. The Bauhaus school believed that objects could be both beautiful and useful which aligned with what I wanted to accomplish with this collection. I really wanted to create a collection of pieces that were easy to wear and to mix and match, but that still felt unique and interesting. One of my favorite artists, Wassily Kandinsky, was part of the Bauhaus movement, and I used his piece, Composition VIII, as the visual inspiration for the collection. I love his belief that art and music can evoke emotion and experience without necessarily knowing the explanation behind the piece.
How do the pieces in this collection differ from your past work? 
I think that this collection is the most refined and has the strongest point of view. It has a nice range of pieces, but still feels like a cohesive collection. I'm really excited (and a little scared) to see what everyone thinks about it.
What do you do to get into a creative mindset? 
I don't have a designated creative space in the studio (yet). I typically start by jotting down ideas in my notebook at home (usually in the middle of the night), and then come to the studio during a time when I can be alone. I'll put on some music, start with an idea from my book and then just play around with the materials.

You moved to Seattle about a year and a half ago. Has this evolved or impacted your designs?  
Definitely! I would say that I'm a fairly introverted person, and I spend a lot of time just observing and taking mental notes. I've always enjoyed people watching, and now I'm more conscious of the accessories that people choose to wear, and I use those observations when I'm designing new pieces. I really believe that it's the attention to small details that make a piece of jewelry successful. 

Which piece(s) from this collection are the ones you will wear everyday? 
I've been wearing the zig zag earrings for a couple of weeks now, and I never take them off. I can't wait to add a couple of meandering rings to my daily stack. 

Which piece(s) from this collection were the most edgy or experimental? Why?
I try not to make anything that is completely out of reach for our customers. I spend a lot of time thinking about what our customers might like to see more of, while also challenging myself to create pieces that customers might not expect. I think that the meandering necklace strays the most from our past collections. I feel like it's an edgy statement piece that you can still wear every day. 

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