Meet our New Druzy Drop Collection

 We've are so excited to finally share with you the return of the Herkimer Posts and the release of new styles! The Herkimer Posts sold out completely because of their popularity. We traveled up to Alaska to source the Herkimer Diamonds to bring this style back to you! If you've had the opportunity to stop in the Fresh Tangerine showroom, you may have seen our delicate, double stranded Druzy Drop Bracelet and Necklace. We are excited to share that we've expanded the line to more stones. Learn a little bit more about each stone below!

01. Aqua Druzy Drop  // A classic piece in our exclusive Fresh Tangerine collection. The popularity of this stone inspired us to expand the line to add a variety of stones to this style. The druzy stone has a "skin" of crystals that form above the existing matrix of crystals to give this stone a texture on one side. The teardrop shape lays nicely on your wrist and the aqua color pops well on almost any skin tone. 

02. Chrysoprase Drop  // The bright green and yellow color of this stone can be described by its literal translation of the word "leek".  The smaller, smoother teardrop shaped stone is similar to the Aqua Druzy drop, but is in a color that is often mistaken for emerald. 

03. Labradorite Drop // This precious gemstone can vary in color depending on the size of the stone from off-white or black to glowing blue or green. These tiny stones are a tinge of grey which is the perfect accessory to carry you into the fall and winter seasons. You can barely feel this bracelet on your arm!

04. Blush Druzy Drop // This stone is the largest and one of the most unique gemstones in the collection. The square shape is unique to our stone collection. The back side of the druzy is smooth and lays well on the wrist. 

Herkimer Diamond Earrings // The double-terminated quartz crystal gets its name from the location in which it is mined, on the outskirts of Herkimer County, New York. These precious stones are mined in the dolostone near Little Falls. These earrings have been one of our most popular pieces since they were released in Fall 2014. Kate from Small Things blog included our Herkimer Rings in her favorite items to wear. 


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