IRL ( In Real Life ) Party

In this day and age where we spend almost all of our free time scrolling through our phones on blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram, it can be easy to loose touch with the real world. There are so many interesting and inspiring people on the internet, and many of them are right here in Seattle. 

Samantha Wagner, former Art Director of Seattle Bride and Groom, started hosting IRL Parties (In Real Life) where you get to meet your internet friends. The event was co-hosted by Kimberly Kogane, owner of Fresh Tangerine at her studio in Pioneer Square. Over 30 local small business owners, professionals and Instagrammers came to the IRL happy hour on Thursday, July 23rd. We put together a Sangria Bar with 'serve yourself fruit' which we were pretty excited about. Jane Yuan of Simple and Crisp sponsored a fruit cracker tray and offered up the most incredible cheese pairings, affirming her title as the "Chief Pairing Purveyor". 

The IRL Party was also the unveiling of our updated showroom displays. Scroll down to see our DIY displays!

The lovely Simple and Crisp pairing platter. 

Thanks again to the event sponsor Simple and Crisp.

- Kiana 

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