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Name of shop: Pipe and Row
Where is your store located?
Pipe and Row is located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Fremont is laid-back, quirky, creative and is the self-proclaimed "center of the universe". I chose Fremont for P+R because it's a rule-breaking, fun, small business friendly part of Seattle that really encompasses what we are about. Fremont doesn't take itself too seriously and neither do we.
What types of products would we find in your shop? 
Our mantra is "not your average staple" meaning we love to bring you pieces that are simple and trusted that you'll want to reach for as your everyday go-to staples, yet modern, unique, and contemporary that stand on their own and push the boundaries. We carry clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and apothecary goods from designers around the world. We love supporting handmade, local, and small batch companies. While we love polished, modern staples we also love quirky finds that make you smile.  #NOTYOURAVERAGESTAPLE
How long has your shop been open?
June 2015, we just turned 1!
What is your favorite thing about owning your own shop? 
This is a tough question! There's a lot. I love the challenge of constantly changing and adapting to the customer. It's really rewarding to be able to seek out talented, amazing designers and then to support them. I love watching brands grow in their work and to give feedback on how the pieces are being received by their customers. I don't think people realize how hard it is for designers to get direct feedback from the people who are wearing and loving their line and it is such a necessary tool for success!
Where is your favorite spot to grab a drink/dinner?
Walrus and the Carpenter -- their steak tartare is mindblowing! For dessert, (I have to include dessert because I am a sugar nut) my favorite is a slice of chocolate/white chocolate cake from Simply Desserts. You can smell their cakes baking from my store
and it is dangerous!



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