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If you thought being a fashion blogger was an easy gig, think again. Miranda McDonald juggles a full time job, part-time job as a columnist, and is a full time blogger at the Chic Street Blog. She is an incredible photographer who edits all of her own photos and somehow squeezed in time to work on a collaboration with Fresh Tangerine. We came across Miranda's insta feed and fell in love with her feminine, yet modern style. 

We've had many people come into our Showroom who are completely overwhelmed by our stacking ring selection and don't even know where to begin. With our latest Line to Curve Collection, we've added new stackers and shape rings to add to the mix. To help our customers start their collection, we've teamed up with the Miranda McDonald of The Chic Street Blog to come up with a curated set of seven stacking rings to achieve a chic, yet minimal, everyday look. 

Miranda chose to mix metals and textures, and added a few midi rings to diversify the look. We are offering an exclusive discount to our blog readers and email subscribers on the Chic Street's Picks. Continue reading to find out how you can save $$$ on your stack!

M I R A N D A ' S   S T A C K I N G   R I N G   P I C K S
01. square stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 7, size 9 
02. classic stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 3, size 4
03. square stacking ring // sterling silver // size 7
04. classic stacking ring // sterling silver // size 3, size 4

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R I N G  S I Z E
To determine your ring size, use our ring size worksheet to find it! Another great way to find your ring size is to stop into your local jeweler and ask for assistance.


Name: Miranda McDonald
What is your zodiac sign? Aquarius 

Overalls by Mango // Brunswick Satchel by Hobbs London // Triple Strap Sandal from Express // Calvin Klein Blouse // 

Where do you currently live and what brought you there? I currently live in Louisville, Kentucky. I moved here for school and haven't left since.

How has this place influenced your personal style? Louisville is such a unique city if you really get involved with the local scene of artists and the creative community. I believe that because the city has grown so much since I first arrived, and because it has become so much about cultivating its own local talent, I have felt comfortable being an individual in it and feel free to wear whatever I want with pride. 

What do you do? Describe a typical day for you.  I am a marketing account manger full time, a fashion columnist for a local publication, Extol magazine, plus a curator for my own blog, The Chic Street

My day usually starts with copious amounts of coffee, some editing of photographs or perusing of social media for my blog, and then I go to work for 8 hours. I love my day job, because I work for a local e-commerce company, CafePress, marketing and running promotions for the clients I work for and with, which happen to be Warner Brothers, HBO and Lionsgate. One day I could be photographing lifestyle images for the official Pretty Little Liars blog featuring our merchandise, merchandising their products in their portal on our site, or working with our graphic design team to create designs and the creative for a promotion we will be doing for a big movie like The Hunger Games.

However, when I get home I devote time to my blog and the column I write and photograph for. I recently styled and photographed an editorial for Extol. I felt so proud and really loved stepping behind the camera, since I don't get to do that as often with my blog. I also try to put in time with family or exploring the local culinary scene with friends. So, when I say that I am busy balancing a lot of things, I truly mean it, but I feel so fortunate to be busy doing the things that I enjoy, and getting payed for it, so I can't complain.

 How would you describe your personal style?  It is ever-evolving, because I am always growing as an individual. However, I will say that there is usually always a balance between masculine and feminine elements.

Which sites would we find pulled up on your browser for digital + fashion inspiration?    I am a huge fan of street style sites, because the streets are where true personal style and high fashion meet. My biggest inspiration comes from the editors of the major fashion publications. Emanuel Alt and Christine Centenera are huge inspirations, because they don't dress for men or to be pretty, they dress for other fashion enthusiasts. I am the same way. 

I also love that street style has merged with high fashion because of these sites. You are starting to see a reversal in power. Now, designers are starting to get inspired by what people are wearing on blogs and street style sites, instead of the other way around.

Which Beyonce video most embodies your true self?  Run The World (Girls)

Whose closet would you most like to raid? Christine Centenera, for sure!

Which Fresh Tangerine pieces are your favorite?  I really love the simplicity of the classic style stackable rings, because I am a huge fan of simplicity in general.

Let us in on any “laws” you live by for stacking your rings.  I think every fashion enthusiasts should own a midi ring.  Also, keep to one type of metal per hand.  Everything else should be about having fun and doing whatever inspires!

Describe the “stack” you chose.  I chose the silver and gold classic rings and threw in a couple of the hammered style to mix the texture a bit, but still keep the look clean.

Where can we find you on the internet? 

Instagram: @TheChicStreetBlog

Thanks to Miranda McDonald for the images and the lovely interview!

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  • Miranda McDonald

    I have been waiting for an interview like this to come along. Thanks for asking questions that really allow me to give some details about myself and what it is like to be a blogger and have a full time job (there are so many of us out there). I am and have always been a huge fan of your rings- they never leave my hand. hahaha

    Cheers to a great collaboration!

    Miranda McDonald

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