Bethany makes it all look easy. As a mother, writer, blogger, photographer, teacher and natural stylist, Bethany takes the time to reflect and live intentionally through her blog posts. We've been watching her children grow up through her lovely instagram feed where she documents homeschooling activities and everyday life in her bright and airy home.  Seriously, check out her feed- it's incredible. Bethany's busy lifestyle and four children calls for simple accessories that carry her throughout the day. 

Starting a collection of stacking rings can intimidate many at first, and it may be hard to know where to begin! It is overwhelming with midi and regular ring sizes, different textures, styles and metals that you have to mix. Oh my! We teamed up with Bethany to see how she styles a mix of seven of our stacking rings and offering an exclusive discount to our blog readers and email subscribers. Continue reading to find out how you can save $$$ on your stack!

B E T H A N Y ' S   S T A C K I N G   R I N G   P I C K S
01. midi classic stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 3 
02. midi classic stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 4
03. classic stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 8
04. classic stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 9
05. midi hammered stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 3
06. hammered stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 5
07. hammered stacking ring // 14k gold fill // size 7

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R I N G  S I Z E
To determine your ring size, use our ring size worksheet to find it! Another great way to find your ring size is to stop into your local jeweler and ask for assistance.  

I N T E R V I E W 

Name: Bethany Douglass

What is your zodiac sign? Scorpio

What are you currently listening to? Lately, I've been listening to Daughter's Live@Air and Hillsong's Empires and also Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book, The Signature of All Things

Where do you currently live and what brought you there? We live in a small town in Central Texas. We moved here just after my second child was born for my husband to attend graduate school and to live a little closer to family. We never left.

How has this place influenced your personal style? This town is quite simple and casual, which I prefer, but it's also a university town, so there's still energy here. Most days I wear little make-up, a simple cotton top with denim, and a pair of sandals, or boots as it gets colder. I never feel out of place here or judged by high-fashionistas for my minimal wardrobe. I like that.

What do you do? Describe a typical day for you. I'm primarily a mother. I homeschool my children, so that fills much of my time between breakfast and early afternoon. I keep a personal blog, where I share bits of our life together, and often write/photograph for other publications. A few times a month, I photoshoot for my sister and brother-in-law's photography business. In short, I'm fairly busy with an assortment of things. (Wink.) I wake up before my children to work or run or simply have alone time and then spend the day adventuring and learning with them, filling in all other work along the way. Honestly, no one day is like another.

How would you describe your personal style? Natural, casual, and minimal. I prefer clothing with simple lines, little or no graphics, natural colors, and flexible for occasion.

Which sites do you go to for digital + fashion inspiration? Pinterest, honestly, because I don't have much time for it. But I still love a good browse through printed magazines in fashion and design.

Which Beyonce video most embodies your true self? Is it terrible to say, I have no idea?

Whose closet would you most like to raid? Gwenyth Paltrow's.

Which Fresh Tangerine pieces are your favorite? I love the arc ring, and of course, the classic and hammered stacking rings.

What advice do you have for someone who has never stacked their rings before? Start building with a simple band for the lower part of your middle finger. Even if worn alone, it works. Then add smaller bands to work out from there, perhaps a small band for the edge of your ring finger or a higher part on your middle finger.

Let us in on any laws or tips you live by for stacking your rings. Always start in the middle and work out, even if the middle finger is the barest. White space counts, too.

Describe the "stack" you chose. I love the simple gold band paired with the hammered band--something classic with a little bit of edge. I also love doubling two smaller bands on a single finger, and adding the arch ring. I enjoy wearing enough to keep it interesting but not distracting.

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