Football Season has arrived!

'Tis the season. Everyone is abuzz about their fantasy football leagues, wearing their team colors at the office on the Fridays, and the sports bars are packed again over the weekends. There are subtle, yet modern ways to show your team's pride without painting your face in team colors-- wear our friendship bracelets! We created a few combinations of team colors, but the options are endless! We have almost 50 colors so you can proudly wear your school colors, NFL colors, or just wear your favorite colors and forget about what everyone else is doing. At only $22 for each friendship bracelet, you might as well buy a matching set for your BFF!

Corresponding color combos are below:

Seahawks // Cobalt + Citron

Saints // Black + Gold

Patriots // Navy + Red Orange

Broncos // Royal Blue + Orange

Green Bay Packers // Emerald + Mustard


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