Calligraphy Class // Fancy Cat Studios

At Fresh Tangerine we love the opportunity to work with creatives to learn something new, so this week we had Crystal from Fancy Cat Studios come in and teach our lovely Seattle babes how to write so beautifully you would swear it belonged on a Pinterest board. In addition to a new skill, our students also took home surprise gifts of cards, chocolates, pencils, lip scrubs, clay masks, sea salt hair spray, and an issue of Cherry Bombe magazine. Take a peek at everything that went into their goody bag!

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The night started as everybody trickled in after happy hour, eager to learn how to create perfect loopy letters. They grabbed complimentary cookies, popcorn, cheese, crackers, and a little more wine before taking a seat at their tables. Crystal went over basic shapes and led the group through some practice strokes. 

At the beginning, nobody knew how to hold the pen correctly, or how to ink the nib, or even what "ink the nib" means, but by the end, they were getting the hang of it. The studio was filled with coffee shop music, the sound of pens on paper, and lots of laughter.

What @handmadesammade learned to do

We had so much fun working and learning alongside you guys! Stay tuned for more in studio workshops, and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when we are hosting the next one! & Thank you to Crystal from Fancy Cat Studios for helping us out!!

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