Write A Letter!

When was the last time you got an actual handwritten letter? Texts can be deleted and emails get erased, so send your friends and loved ones something tangible. Make it a goal this week to sit down and write at least three letters to important people in your life to make somebody's day. Bump it up a bit and decorate your envelope and fill it with some special treats!!

Fill your envelope with...

  • First and foremost, a heartfelt letter. Recount your favorite moments together, and express how much this person means to you. 
  • Pressed flowers from your garden.
  • Packets of tea 
  • Confetti or chunky glitter
  • Some Fresh Tangerine rings- a starter stacking set would be the perfect gift to fit alongside your note.

Decorate your envelope....
  • Water color flowers, fruits, hearts, or other designs.
  • Decoupage a collage, cut out images from magazines or print out pictures of you and your friend together.
  • Doodle something funny or a favorite moment together on the back for them to see right before they open up your letter. 
  • Swipe on your favorite lipstick and add a few kiss marks to the envelope
  • Wrap the finished envelope in twine or ribbon

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