Fresh Faves: From Marble to Mulled Wine

Marble texture is so perfect for Winter & Fall. It has that classic, sleek look made from a natural element. We are loving these hand dyed moon coasters to put mugs of hot chocolate, coffee, and cocktails on. Also, we found a pair of amazing marble sneakers that would look perfect with dark denim, and they are made with rubber soles & leather body to fend off street puddles. And finally, to dress your tech, a real marble phone case, each one is slightly different. 

Whimsical prints have also been a fresh favorite. First off, the Max Wanger Print shop has lots of perfect minimalistic style prints to hang above your desk or to tie a room together. They have sweet little details like a colorful bunch of balloons off in the corner or two pastel ice cream cones. Mod Ball has sweet embroidered eye coasters made in Portland, Oregon. We also found a new clothing boutique, Troubadour, that is full of modern prints that pair perfectly together. 

LOVING this blog, Hello I'm Flawed, which is written so candidly about the problems, issues, foibles of our day-to-day lives. Most blogs leave you feeling like your life is an utter mess, but this one has you laughing along and realizing it's okay to not have it all together. Another flawed/flawless TV show you have to check out, Scream Queens! The show doesn't take itself too seriously and the characters are hilariously terrible people.. but we would love to raid their wardrobes. While watching, make yourself a cinnamony citrusy alcoholic beverage: mulled wine.

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