Fresh Tangerine's Guide to Seattle

Our Studio: We are located in beautiful Pioneer square right by the water & lots of other shopping & restaurants. Come visit us Tuesday-Friday!

Places To Eat: Nothing Beats a good brunch

The Fat Hen- On any given Sunday, you will probably find Kim sitting at a table with a grapefruit mimosa and baked eggs. 

Thai Toms- A cramped little restaurant by the University that has the best pad thai probably ever. 

Cafe Flora- A cute vegetarian spot decorated with plants and a greenhouse off to the side.

London Plane- Part flower shop part perfect brunch spot, with huge windows looking out to ivy covered brick buildings. Amazing curry avocado toast & hummus platter. 

Easy Street- Record store upstairs and classic diner downstairs. Peeling glitter booth seats and great breakfast scrambles, oh and their music is the best. 

Shopping: Artisan Boutiques

Red Light- A kooky vintage store by the University. If you need glitter wigs, a 70s pantsuit, or a collection of fake eyelashes, this is your place.

Pipe & Row- Edgy, modern clothing with a European aesthetic. Nicely curated selection, with lesser-known clothing labels at affordable prices.

Les Amis- A hidden gem filled with quality pieces. If you want to find a place that has unique pieces, you need to check them out!

Elliot Bay Books- Racks of magazines and shelves and shelves of books waiting to be opened. Tables if you can't wait to read, or a cute coffee shop in the back to sit and cuddle up with your new purchase.

Moorea Seal- One stop accessory shop for flower pressed phone cases, a cool collection of jewelry, hats, shoes, & stationary. 

Glasswing- Classic PNW vibes in this place. Plenty of plants, amazing displays, and super cool clothing. 

Coffee: The Fuel of PNW

Herkimer: Cozy neighborhood spot with friendly staff, oh, and Good coffee, like really good coffee.

Victrola: One of those must-go spots in Capitol Hill. 

Analog: The ultimate hipster spot. Their music track is provided by vinyl and you get a palette cleanser to go with your coffee. 

Elm: Most beautiful coffee shop you have ever been to: a raw wooden marble wonderland. You are definitely going to want to Instagram this spot. 

Hotwire: A little spot perfect to go on sunny days to sit in their outdoor courtyard framed with trees. They have creative concoctions each season: like a toffee nut mocha or spiced maple and caramel.

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