Ask the FT Girls: Let's Get Digital

Today we gathered around the studio table to talk tech. Favorite apps, emojis, and texting message dreams. What did the FT girls have to say?







Kim: The face with the open hands and the sun and the moon with the faces weird me out with their creepy smirks.

Annie: The cat faces.. it isn’t an accurate representation of cats!!! They are trying to be cool and i don’t appreciate that. I like the cat that is more of a scientific illustration.

Emma: The eggplant is never cute.

Dao: Everything else. 

Skye: All of the women’s shoes suck.


Kim: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake. I would just kind of watch them send photos and texts back and forth and contribute emojis.

Annie: Tim & Eric.

Emma: Kelly Cutrone and Todd Selby.

Dao: My cat and dog.  

Skye: Amy Schumer and John Oliver.


Kim: Snapchat

Annie: Snapchat (after ten minutes of deliberating)

Emma: Instagram!!!

Skye: Instagram

Dao: I don’t even know what snapchat is

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