All That Glitters

Bring on the sparkling silver and gold this Holiday season. We love seeing that shimmer from the streets, to your hands, to your feet. Something about being in a glistening city makes you smile, here are all of our favorite things that glitter this time of year.

  1. Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow. This shimmering powder can pack on heavy or light depending on how much impact you want. Our favorite shades are cosmic, space cowboy, and solstice. 
  2. Marc Jacobs Glitter Polish. This formula is so much smoother than most glitter polishes that get clumpy as you try to brush them onto your nail. Subtle enough for daytime, peeking through fingerless gloves and perfect for night extravaganzas, clutching a merlot. 
  3. DIY Glitzy Shoes. When you can't find the perfect statement shoes, or just don't want to drop the money on them, make them yourself! 
  4. Christmas Light Peeping. Get in the car, put on your favorite Christmas CD, and drive through the streets looking at all of the strands of lights strung on branches and balconies. This is the number one way to get right in the Holiday spirit. 
  5. Stacking Rings! Especially the glitter rings to pile on to add that special twinkle to your finger tips. 

Happy Holidays from the FT Team! May your days be merry and your nights be bright. xo

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