Holiday Favorites

The winter spirit is a whole atmosphere, every detail counts. The colors, the temperature, the people around you, the music on the radio, all stirred together in one Christmasy cocktail. This is how we like to do the holiday season. 


The right song completely changes the atmosphere of the room. So switch to Holiday radio in your car, or put on one of these albums and bake something with friends or family. 

White Christmas Album- Bing Crosby

Elvis Christmas Album

December- George Winston

Christmas Time is Here- Charlie Brown

Beach Boys' Christmas Album


Decorations won't mean the same if you aren't here with me! Decorating during this time of year brightens up the outside and makes the inside like a cozy winter dream. Some decorating ideas...

Gingerbread Houses- Invite your friends and their kids over or set up a Gingerbread house decorating day. Different colors of icing, colored candy, and the possibilities are endless. Tag us in your final result @Freshtangerine & we will repost you!

Wrapping Paper- For a really personal touch on gifts, you can print your own gift wrap. Maybe a few photos of you and the person you are giving the gift to, your own personal artwork, or your Christmas card photo. 

Floral Christmas tree- An unexpected twist if you are starting your own traditions, putting flowers spiraling up the Christmas tree. 

Candles- Decking the halls with glowing lights & sweet scents. Nightmarket candles from anthropologie are a studio favorite. 


Grab some popcorn, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and a cozy blanket, then flip on the TV. This is what is on the screen in front of us. 

Love Actually- A feel good tangle of love stories taking place in London, England. 

Mean Girls- It's not a Christmas movie- but come on, the Jingle Bell rock dance scene is a classic. 

It's a Wonderful Life- If you decide to watch this one, have some tissues on hand. It talks about valuing your worth, family, and appreciation for life. 

SNL Christmas Special- Favorite episode of the year!! Everyone in the studio loves it, we take video breaks to destress and recap old SNL skits. 


Fuzzy socks- Keep your toes toasty when it is just too cold inside. We love these holiday ones. 

Slippers- Sleepy mornings are essential to this season. Asos has a ton of winter themed slippers to run around the house in. 

Oversized scarves- In Seattle the air really bites in the morning walking to work, so we turn it into a positive with chunky, colorful scarves. 

Ear Muffs- A la Chanel #3. Wear with a winter coat, cat eyes, and a touch of irony. 

Dark Lips- Vampy lipstick is the perfect addition to a neutral winter coat. Our favorites are Nars Semi Matte in Fire Down Below and Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop lipstick in Burgundy Berry.


Peppermint hot cocoa- From Starbucks or make it at home! Make your favorite hot chocolate and stir in a candy cane until it melts. 

Cookies- Raspberry thumbprint and gingerbread are studio favorites. 

Fondue- Invite some girlfriends over for gossip and fondue dipping.

Peanut brittle- Making your own brittle at home is so fun. Mix in peanuts for a simple brittle or go and get some trail mix. Trader joes has a pack with raspberries, almonds, and dark chocolate. YUM.



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