The sun rises and sets each day the same, but for some reason the sunrise of a new year holds a different meaning. A new chance, a clean slate, resolutions to do better and be better. The FT girls share what their goals are for 2016. 

Make more jewelry and work on my own personal line. I also want to work on being healthier, you know, drinking less, actually exercising. Eating less pizza. Focus more on creative projects. Oh, and get more sleep.

Be more creative, do more creative projects. I also want to volunteer more at a horse rescue shelter just outside Seattle. 

I want to take more leisurely walks. I walk every day to work but I want to take walks without a destination or purpose. Practice my french more. And definitely go on vacation at least twice. 

I want to decide on my major, travel a lot on the weekends even if it is just to Portland or the Coast. Read more for pleasure and not just for school. Focus more on face to face connections than online ones.

Spend more time at home with my cats. Go on more hikes and retreats. Definitely travel more. 

Take a cake decorating class.

Watch more foreign films.

End family & friend phone calls with "I love you."

Drink less coffee.

Get outdoors, going on hikes, picnics, or choosing outside seating at a restaurant.

Eat less meat.

Handwrite letters.

Journal more.

Give out genuine compliments.

Stop tuning into trends and dress for yourself.

Try recipes and cook more meals at home.

Take spontaneous trips.

Listen to more live music.

Shop small business.

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