DIY Cacti Ring Holders

Posted on January 03, 2016 by Emma Mercury | 0 Comments

Our version of starting the new year off right involves creative projects and getting our life a bit more together. With that spirit in mind, we grabbed some clay and made desert themed ring holders. Rolling colored clay out into saguaro shapes and actually having a place to put all of our accumulated rings- sounds pretty much perfect. 

Head to your neighborhood craft store and pick up a pack of different colored clay. We got the kind that you bake, but you can also use polymer based clay and paint a resin on top to give it structure. 

Pretty simple- work the colors together and form them into the shapes you are interested in. We went with cacti! This was achieved by melding together the two colors for about five minutes and then rolling it out into clay logs, then forming the cactus from three separate pieces.

The result!

If you make your own cute clay ring holders, tag us on Insta at @FreshTangerine! 



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