Invade Our Desk Space

If you follow our Instagram or keep up with the emails, you probably imagine the office to be a glitter covered, pink tinted space with a barista making us perfect french espressos with lots of gold and silver jewelry hanging from the walls and ceilings like chandeliers. Some of that is true- we get glitter everywhere and at any given time one of us is sipping a cup of coffee, and Kim does make us espressos. We laugh often, the office is a lot of fun, but we do have a job to do. Here's a peek at each of our desks and what each of our role is to make everything happen. 

Job: Boss lady, coffee maker, studio mom, binder clip enthusiast.

Can't work without: Coffee.... *looks sadly down at cup of tea because she's giving up coffee for new years

Job: Friendship bracelet specialist, color palette curator, storyteller, pizza eater. 

Can't work without: Coffee & podcasts. I mean look at this *points to two empty Starbucks cups

Job: Wholesale wizard, email connoisseur, healthy lunch maker, makes everyone laugh. 

Can't work without: The space heater

Job: Social media manager, photographer, nervous emailer, studio duster. 

Can't work without: Good music or a good podcast. Currently listening to Serial podcast (recommended by everyone in the studio)

Job: Jewelry maker, apple expert, advice giver.

Can't work without: Eyeballs. 



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