DIY Valetine's Day Stamps

Seems like the Valentine's day gift essentials are: Cards, Candy, Chocolate. Let's turn one thing on the list into something personal, and make chic little stamps to adorn cards with. 

You will need...

  • Clay
  • Clay sculpting materials
  • Ink or paint
  • Cardstock paper

Work the clay into whatever shapes you want for the stamps. Remember that when pressed to the card they will create a mirror image, so keep that in mind when making letters, shapes, and words. 

Start with shaping the clay into your stamps. Create a little block on the back to hold and apply pressure, then make thin shapes that will imprint on paper. You can make these imprint pieces out of clay or us foam pieces. Once you shape your clay how you want it, bake or dry out as the instructions show. 

If you choose to make the imprint pieces out of clay, be sure to sand them down after baking to create an even surface and even ink distribution. 

Now that your pieces are out of the oven, pull out some paper and practice! We played around with ink, paint, and even used glue and then covered the imprint in glitter!

Your cards are customized & ready to go! Your friends & family will love the handmade touches and heartfelt words you tuck into them. 

Happy Valentine's day!

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