FT Field Trips- Pike Place

When the clouds clear up and the sun shines on the streets, we take the morning off to wander down to Pike Place Market in search for inspiration. It's a ten block walk from our studio to the famous colorful markets, but on a day like today it goes by fast. 

No matter how cliche the fish throwing is or how long the line is outside the very first Starbucks, locals will still visit fPikes market to be inspired by the vibrant energy. Rows of fruits you have never seen before, chocolate pasta, street performers, cobblestone streets, and an abundance of flowers await.

Today we spent some time poking around a tulip stand and mixing and matching 9 stems for $10. After coming up with the perfect balance of light pinks, oranges, dark pinks, and one plum bloom, we walked down a bit farther to La Panier. This french inspired bakery smells like buttery croissants and has warm lighting and lovely latte art. With a cup of coffee in hand, we headed back to the studio in Pioneer square, a little lighter from our sunny walk. 

Next time you are down at Pikes, take the walk to our studio and say hi! We are over on 89 Yesler way, by some cool restaurants and boutiques, we will be sure to let you know all the other hidden gems in the area to go to.

Until the next adventure. 


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