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Tonya is a natural, messy haired, MopTop. Her Instagram feed makes you leave with images of spiked plants, denim on denim, cozy socks, and simple jewelry. Her life to set to a vinyl Beatles record and she is spotted walking down the streets clutching a cup of coffee and wearing the chicest sunglasses. Her accessories tie simple outfits together, vintage purses, sunglasses, and modern necklaces. Check out her Insta, and you will see what we mean. stacking 101 with the moptop | Fresh Tangerine blogStarting a collection of stacking rings can intimidate many at first, and it may be hard to know where to begin! It is overwhelming with midi and regular ring sizes, different textures, styles and metals that you have to mix. Oh my! We teamed up with Mop Top to see how she styles a mix of our stacking rings. Read on to snag an an exclusive discount!

the moptop stacking 101 ring picks | fresh tangerine behind the brand

T O N Y A ' S   S T A C K I N G   R I N G   P I C K S
01. arc ring | 14k gold fill | size 7
02. ampersand ring | 14k gold fill | size 7
03. hammered stacking ring | 14k gold fill | size 4
04. hammered stacking ring | 14k gold fill | size 8
05. classic stacking ring | 14k gold fill | size 7
06. classic stacking ring | 14k gold fill | size 5

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R I N G  S I Z E
To determine your ring size, use our ring size worksheet to find it or you can order one of our ring sizers! Another great way to find your ring size is to stop into your local jeweler and ask for assistance.  stacking 101 with the moptop | styled arc ring | Fresh Tangerine blogI N T E R V I E W 

Name: Tonya Smith

What is your zodiac sign? 
What are you currently listening to? 
To be totally honest, a lot of Drake! And Disclosure's newest album Caracal.
Where do you currently live and what brought you there? 
I am currently living in Las Vegas! I moved here to get some sunshine and experience something new.
How has this place influenced your personal style? 
Being surrounded by the desert has really brought out my vintage boho style. I love wearing old levis and boots and exploring the desert landscape!
What do you do? Describe a typical day for you.
Currently, I am a full time student as well as a blogger. So a lot of my time is spent on my computer with homework, editing photos, answering emails, etc. When I'm not busy with that I love to get lost somewhere in the desert or make a trip to Los Angeles.
How would you describe your personal style? 
That's always been a tough one to me. I feel like somedays I'm more minimalistic with a little tomboy and other days I wear more boho pieces or vintage inspired.
Which sites do you go to for digital + fashion inspiration?  
I love Pinterest as well as tumblr and of course Instagram. Users like Alexa Chung, Courtney Trop, and Patricia Mansfield get me inspired.
Whose closet would you most like to raid? 
stacking 101 with the moptop | ampersand ring | Fresh Tangerine blog
Which Fresh Tangerine pieces are your favorite? 
I have always been a fan of the ampersand ring, I have two! The arc ring might be my new favorite!
What advice do you have for someone who has never stacked their rings before? 
There's no right or wrong way to stack rings! So just have fun!
Let us in on any laws or tips you live by for stacking your rings.
I used to space my rings out a lot but I now like to pair them closer together.
Describe the "stack" you chose.
I chose the ampersand and arc ring for some simple statements and then some basic classic rings to bring everything together.

stacking 101 with the moptop | rings with cactus |  Fresh Tangerine blog

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