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Jenna steps out on the street, looking balanced with her perfectly blown out hair and always painted nails, but then she throws on a camo jacket, combat boots, and a mostly black outfit to add in a little chaos. That's her whole thing, dressing up, dressing down, eating healthy, pigging out, perfecting an outfit and then untucking the hem to make her blog, Balance & Chaos, really reflect her own life. Her ring set has a few simple stacking bands for balance and a huge bar ring to throw everything off, just a little bit. 

stacking 101 with jenna boron | fresh tangerine behind the brand blog

Starting a collection of stacking rings can intimidate many at first, and it may be hard to know where to begin! It is overwhelming with midi and regular ring sizes, different textures, styles and metals that you have to mix. That's why we teamed up with Jenna to see how she styles a mix of our rings and to offer YOU an exclusive discount! Continue reading to find out how you can save $$$ on your stack!

jenna boron ring picks | Fresh Tangerine

J E N N A ' S   S T A C K I N G   R I N G   P I C K S
01. bar ring | sterling silver | size 5
02. basic stacking set | sterling silver | size 5
03. hammered stacking ring | sterling silver size 6
04. midi hammered stacking ring | sterling silver | size 3
05. twisted stacking ring | sterling silver | size 5

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R I N G  S I Z E

To determine your ring size, use our ring size worksheet to find it or you can order one of our ring sizers! Another great way to find your ring size is to stop into your local jeweler and ask for assistance.    

I N T E R V I E W 

Name: Jenna Boron

What is your zodiac sign? Cancer

What are you currently listening to? The new Rihanna album.

Where do you currently live and what brought you there? Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania – born & raised!

What do you do? Describe a typical day for you.
I am a full-time pediatric nurse as well as a life and style blogger. My day typically starts with coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I love to cook, so when I have days off, I'm usually whipping something together in the kitchen and hanging with my girlfriends at night. Blogging is generally always on my ming, too – it's hard for me to shut that part of my brain off, but I like to believe I have a pretty good balance between work and play. 

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is ever-changing. Right now I'm feeling the urban trends. I love neutrals.

Which sites do you go to for digital + fashion inspiration?
 I am a total Pinterest-addict and I screenshot inspiration off of Instagram all of the time. I follow tons of fashion blogs, too. 

Whose closet would you most like to raid? LA blogger, Pau Dictado, Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules, Swedish blogger, Fanny Lykman, and Megan Mitchell of Styled Avenue. ALL have great taste.

Which Fresh Tangerine pieces are your favorite?
I have fallen in love with every single Fresh Tangerine pieces I've ever worn. The rings are so darn dainty and perfect for those who love simple accessories. I'm not a fan of statement pieces, so FT is right up my alley!

What advice do you have for someone who has never stacked their rings before? 
Don't be afraid to mix and match. I love when I glance at someone's hands, and they are decked out in different rings of all shapes/sizes/bands/textures/metals.

Let us in on any laws or tips you live by for stacking your rings. 
As long as you are keeping it simple in all other departments of your outfit, then I think the more, the better!

Describe the "stack" you chose.
I chose the bar ringbasic stacking sethammered stacking ringmidi hammered stacking ring and twisted stacking ring – all in silver. I'm really into silver right now. 

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Pinterest: @balanceandchaos


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