We're Here for the Ear Party!

Fresh-Tangerine-Jewelry-Kim-Ear-Party-EarringsKim wears Dot Dash Earring (gold), Baton Earring (gold), Line Earring (gold). Other earrings are her own.

Personal expression is why Fresh Tangerine exists.  Whether casual, elegant, or edgy, there is nothing better than seeing someone mix our jewelry into their look. We love how pieces transform when styled by an individual.

An Ear Party is one of our favorite ways to express ourselves. Ear piercings provide a perfect palette for mixing and matching styles. Every hole provides an opportunity for expression and it’s simple to remix your style each day. Not sure how to get the party started?  Begin with a favorite earring and then experiment, adding accent pieces for texture.

Don’t be afraid to mix jewelry styles and designers! As Kia says, “Fresh Tangerine plays well with others.” Our simple, sleek styles can create a dynamic look on their own or combine perfectly with pieces from other designers. Keep it classic and clean with the same metal or elevate the experience by mixing metals.

Kim & Kia show us how to mix it up with multiple piercings, while Valerie demonstrates you can still have a party with just two piercings!


Kia wears Petalo Earring (silver), Mini Baguette Earring (gold), and her own silver barbell.


Valerie wears Chou Earrings in silver and her own Herkimer Studs from Kristen Elspeth.

Kim wears Dot Dash Earring (gold), Baton Earring (silver), and Baguette Earring (gold).  Other earrings are her own.

Check out the Fresh Tangerine Earring Collection to get your party started!



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