Mindfulness Monday - Rituals and Routines

There are so many things to do in one day, so much information being thrown our way from every direction, that sometimes it’s difficult to find even the tiniest amount of time to care for ourselves. We’re constantly caught between worlds—whether it’s work, school or home life, or family and friends—and it’s all too easy to succumb to the stress. But amidst the chaos of our daily lives, having balance is necessary. Following a morning or nightly ritual is one way of bringing much needed structure back into your life. When you intentionally create time to do something nice for yourself, it makes all the difference.

We’ve compiled a short list of easy rituals that work for us and that will hopefully bring you one step closer to a clearer mind:

Eat Breakfast
Wake up ten minutes earlier than usual on weekdays to eat breakfast. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a bowl of cereal will do. But sitting down and enjoying your meal is much better than scarfing down a granola bar during your morning commute. On days when you’re not rushing to work, try whipping up something that takes a little more effort. Vegan shakshuka, anyone?

Move your body, whatever that looks like. Spend 30 minutes to run around the park, walk through your neighborhood, or do some yoga poses in your living room. Or simply dance in front of the mirror for a few minutes each day, blasting your favorite pop playlist. You’ll feel re-energized and better once you do.

Read a Book
There’s nothing better than cozying into a comfy chair and flipping through a book. Whether it’s a novel, poetry book or something else, get lost in the language or the new worlds you encounter.

It’s always nice to put your thoughts on paper instead of letting it stir only in your mind. You’ll find you can better articulate your thoughts through writing and let out some necessary steam. Not to mention, it’s a good practice for improving memory and creativity. There’s a reason people say writing is therapeutic.

Enjoy Your Cup
Sit down with a cup of tea without any distractions. Play some quiet music in the background or take in the silence, but leave your phone out of sight. Let the calming effects of the tea take over you.

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