Mindfulness Monday: Send yourself a card


We are fully into the “treat yourself” trend here at Fresh Tangerine. It doesn’t have to be an expensive treat-- sometimes just seeing an inspiring image or quotation can turn our day around! Writing a motivating note to ourselves is a one of our favorite acts of self-care. A scrap of paper will do the job, but sometimes it's nice to indulge in a little bit of art & send ourselves a proper card.

For this week's Mindfulness Monday, we're sharing a few favorites from Seattle-based Constellation & Co. Their letterpress cards send messages we find our hearts really need to hear. Stunningly simple, direct, and true, they always seem to touch a nerve in the best way.

A selection of Constellation & Co. cards can be found in the Fresh Tangerine store in Pioneer Square. For more, check out the Constellation + Co. webshop.

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