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Our Story
Kim Kogane started Fresh Tangerine at the age of twenty four with just a few strands of beads and an ambitious dream. She knew from the little experience she had in the “real world” that in order to be true to herself and her passion, she would need to forge her own path. She continued with her day job and worked every night and weekend, slowly building Fresh Tangerine from scratch. She had no formal training in any aspect of the business and had to rely solely on her intuition and problem solving skills to create a solid foundation. She made a decision from the beginning to be very intentional about growth, taking small steps to evolve and build the brand.

Fresh Tangerine has moved on from its vintage-inspired roots to become known for carefully crafted jewelry that is delicate, easy to wear and approachable. Our brand is deeply invested in the belief that jewelry is personal and should be a lasting investment that is accessible to everyone, and we are dedicated to creating products that are responsibly made.

Our mission is to create affordable long-lasting jewelry and to build a community that is kind and compassionate. Our jewelry is made to be worn, loved and a part of your daily life. We strongly believe that every piece of jewelry has a story that is as unique as the person wearing it. We’d love to know, what does your jewelry mean to you? 

Our Jewelry
Each piece is made by hand from start to finish in our studio using 14k gold fill and sterling silver. We use recycled metal whenever possible and source everything in a conscientious way. We recycle all of our metal scraps and do our best to ensure our studio and production is safe and environmentally friendly. We love working with other small businesses and source our supplies locally as much as we can. Learn more about the materials we use here.

Our Studio
We are more than a jewelry brand. We are an all-encompassing creative studio focused on creating a meaningful and unique experience for each and every customer. It’s important to us to be involved in every step of the process, and we’ve made a conscious choice to do so. All of the jewelry production happens in our space, and we design everything from the packaging to the website to the displays you see in our showroom. We’re constantly thinking about how create the best experience possible and truly value feedback from our customers. That feedback has helped shaped us into the brand we are today.
We are a team of people with diverse backgrounds representing an even more diverse and unique community. We are constantly learning together about how to grow, develop and share our unique voice. It’s important to us that we build something impactful. We believe in being kind and compassionate to yourself, to others and to the world. We are strong advocates for self-care, supporting and empowering women in the workplace and want to encourage everyone to pursue their passions and share their story. We are endlessly inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and feel lucky to call it home.

Meet our Founder, Kim Kogane
Kim Kogane is the founder and dreamer behind Fresh Tangerine. She is a self-taught jewelry maker and entrepreneur who believes that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and an open mind. She grew up in Alaska, has lived in Oregon and France and has visited over 18 different countries and counting. She now calls Seattle, Washington home, where she’s committed to creating a fun, encouraging and compassionate workplace. She hopes to inspire others to follow their passion and embrace their individuality by working hard, being kind and cultivating meaningful connections. She is a strong advocate for women’s rights and hopes to increase awareness about mental health and emotional well-being. When she’s not working you can find her traveling to a far away destination, perusing staff favorites at the local bookstore, daydreaming at the park or planning her next adventure with a glass of wine. 






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