Our Story

Kim Kogane started Fresh Tangerine at the age of twenty four with just a few strands of beads and an ambitious dream. She knew from the little experience she had in the “real world” that in order to be true to herself and her passion, she would need to forge her own path. She continued with her day job and worked every night and weekend, slowly building Fresh Tangerine from scratch. She had no formal training in any aspect of the business and had to rely solely on her intuition and problem solving skills to create a solid foundation. She made a decision from the beginning to be very intentional about growth, taking small steps to evolve and build the brand.

Today Fresh Tangerine is known for carefully crafted jewelry that is delicate, easy to wear and approachable. We strongly believe that jewelry is personal and should be a lasting investment that is accessible to everyone. Our mission is to create community and foster connection through the jewelry that we make by hand in our Seattle studio.

Fresh Tangerine Milestones + Memorable Moments

Photo by Katrina Koo